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Celtic Invasion of Isle of Skye 2018

Whenever I mention, my Celtic Invasions in Scotland, someone says, "You need to go to the Isle of Skye". It's supposed to have some of the most-spectacular landscapes in the world. In 2018, we are going. We'll see castles, stunning rock formations, fairy pools, walk in the hills, watch spectacular sunsets and more.

Once again, we're gonna have a small group of about 8 guests in all. We are already half-booked. So check out the early itinerary and let me know if you'd like to join us on this incredible adventure.

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Tour Contact:

Marc Gunn
Celtic Invasion Vacation
Phone # +1 512 470-4866
Email: celticinvasion@gmail.com

Our Next Celtic Invasion Vacation takes place
June 16-23, 2018


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Friday. The trip doesn't officially start til Saturday, but I recommend that you arrive on Friday like I will. We'll get a good night's sleep in Inverness before driving to Skye on Saturday. If you can't make it on Friday, please arrive by 10am on Saturday. That's when we will plan to leave.

Saturday. We will leave Inverness around 10 am. I hope to have a least one short stop on the way to the Isle of Skye at 10 am. It might just be lunch when we take the Glenelg Ferry onto the island.

Sunday. I hope to book a guided Tour of the Isle of Skye to offer a bit of the culture and history of Skye. That'll take up the morning. In the afternoon, we'll go for a walk up Old Man Storr.

Monday. We'll make a big day of it driving to Dunevegan castle and visit a tannery. We might be out late watching the sunset. Think we'll catch the Northern Lights? I hear it's possible to see them.

Tuesday. After a long day on Monday, we're gonna stay semi-local. We will drive north up the coast to visit Kilt Rock official history tour. Then we will take a Stardust Boat Trip to see the White Tailed Sea Eagle and other water life.

Wednesday. We will head into the the Cuillens for a little walking and visit the fairy pools. You are welcome to go swimming there, I hear. In the afternoon, we will get a tour of the Talisker Distillery.

Thursday. What was the place that looked most interesting that we missed? We're gonna go check it out.

Friday. Though trip isn't over, I want to make sure you make it back to Inverness in time. So this is when we will say goodbye to the Isle of Skye. We will take the southern route back to Inverness, eventually driving along Loch Ness for another chance to catch the Monster. I wouldn't mind another visit to Uroqhart Castle but I'll be looking for other destinations on the drive back. We'll stay the night in or near Inverness.

Saturday. The Celtic Invasion comes to an end. Time to head home!


Reservations are now open for the 2018 Celtic Invasion of Isle of Skye. If you want to join us, here's what you need to do.

1. Copy the form at http://celticinvasion.com/application/ and paste it into an email.
2. Answer all the questions on the form, then email it to celticinvasion@gmail.com
3. Mail a check to the address listed with your deposit.

That's it. Right now, I will accept a total of eight people. It's first come, first served. Your application will serve as an announcement of intent. You'll then have 7 days to postmark your check or send paypal payment to actually reserve your spot. If there are more submissions than the 8 allotted slots, then I will put you in the queue in case someone drops out or if I can open it up to more people.

If you are in the queue, your money IS fully refundable. However, if you pay by paypal, then I will refund everything minus the paypal fees.


BASE PRICE = $2,400

You can pay for next year's invasion through a payment plan of your choosing. Just break your full payment up into 2-4 different payments. It's up to you!

- Past invaders save $25 per trip (up to $200)
- Save an additional $25 if you make at least 50% of your final payment by October 31st.
- Save an additional $25 if you make your final payment before December 31st.

If you'd like to join us and see the magic and mystery of Wild Brittany, then complete the application fast. The trip is already half sold out. We only have room for 4 more people.


A few special notes about this year's invasion

  1. I highly recommend that you arrive on Friday. If you want to share a room on Friday night, you can talk with other invaders to save money.
  2. If you have anything in particular that you would like to see, then please talk to me as soon as possible. I'm happy to try and include as much or as little as we can to make this a supreme experience for you.
  3. If you want to join Marc Gunn on a Celtic Invasion Vacation, subscribe to the mailing list.

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